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"Bam" Margera

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Brandon Cole "Bam" Margera (born September 28, 1979) is a professional skateboarder, radio personality, star of Viva La Bam, and member of the Jackass crew, both shows broadcast by MTV. His weekly Sirius Radio show is called Radio Bam.

Brandon Cole "Bam" Margera IV made his own skate videos known as the CKY quadrilogy, which is also the name of his brother Jess's heavy metal band (see CKY band). Margera's crew includes Ryan Dunn, Brandon DiCamillo, Rake Yohn, Raab Himself. His videos and television shows often include his long-suffering parents, Phil and April, his uncle Vincent Margera ("Don Vito"), and ex-fiancée Jenn Rivell (Margera broke off his engagement to Rivell in early 2005). Margera's television antics push the generally accepted boundaries of good taste by seeking to shock and offend, thereby creating a large contingent of detractors who charge that he profits from the humiliation and misfortune of others.

Margera was born and raised in West Chester, Pennsylvania, a western suburb of Philadelphia. Before becoming a professional skateboarder, he could be found frequenting the local skate spots, performing at area fairgrounds, and loitering at Fairman's skate shop. The CKY Crew, when in the area, often frequents the local 15 North bar.

As a professional skater in the summer of 2005, Margera successfully landed The Loop Phoenix, Arizona. He became the 13th known skater to land it, and was the first street skater to successfully land it.

Margera directed and co-wrote (with Brandon DiCamillo) a low-budget independent film called Haggard, starring himself and his friends, released in 2003. Margera also has a small speaking part in the skater movie "Grind".


A fan of, friend of, and occasional video director for HIM's frontman, Ville Valo, Margera has licensed the band's logo, the heartagram (a pentagram with two points curved to incorporate a heart symbol), for personal use. Bam has even had himself tattooed with the heartagram.

Margera is currently writing, producing, and directing his new feature film, a sequel to Haggard, titled Kiss a Good Man's Ass. He announced another film he is working on called The Dream Seller. The Dream Seller is a nickname for long-time friend and fellow skater Brandon Novak.

Current episodes of Margera's show have shown him to own both a red 2003 Hummer H2 as well as a purple Lamborghini Gallardo. A recent episode however showed the destruction of the H2 by Don Vito as revenge for constant torment. The Lamborghini has been modified with help from friend Billy Idol to include a sunroof (a rough rectangle crudely cut with a jigsaw). Bam bragged that his was the only vehicle of its kind with a sunroof. Since the end of filming on Viva La Bam, Bam has replaced the red H2 with a blue one.

Bam's relationship with long-time girlfriend and fiancée Jennifer Rivell recently ended. Rivell, during an interview with local Philadelphia radio station Q102, stated that Bam had sex with Jessica Simpson. This same claim was made by Phil Margera. Jenn claims Bam cheated on her with 40-50 girls, based on readings of Bam's email and text messages. Some people are of the opinion that the whole story is nothing more than a PR stunt. Currently, Bam is dating Missy Rothstein from the West Chester area who has also appears as Beth in the movie "Haggard".

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