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Dick and Dom

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Dick and Dom in da Bungalow is a CBBC children's television series presented by Dominic Wood ("Dom") and Richard McCourt ("Dick"). Each weekend, they have 6 children or bungalow heads come to "stay the weekend" in their "bungalow". Throughout the two shows (on Saturday and Sunday mornings, 9am to 11am), the bungalow heads attempt to win bungalow points to try and win prizes.

The first series was broadcast on the CBBC Channel in 2002/3, with each programme lasting 3 hours (9am to 12pm). Recommissioned for 2003/4 and cut to two hours, the show gained a much bigger audience when it became BBC One's flagship Saturday children's show, replacing The Saturday Show. The Sunday show remained only on the CBBC Channel, however.

In accordance with UK children's television tradition many games involve the participants being 'gunged', i.e. covered in some messy substance. The games played on the show are given childishly amusing names: see Bungalow games below for examples.

In another game, Dick and Dom situate themselves in a quiet public place such as a museum or restaurant and take turns to shout "Bogies" at ever-increasing volumes, until one of them is either laughing too much or too embarrassed to continue.

Dick and Dom have "traditional" culinary objects to throw on the bungalow heads in the Forfeit Auction where Dick dresses up as 'Tomdickandharry', a cockney geezer and auctions forfeits "for hard earned bungalow points, to stitch up your bungalow mates". His catchphrase is "all right me darlins".

Usually these forfeits include a bungalow head being covered in different foods, known as 'the usual', including 'Creamy Muck-Muck' (custard), 'Dirty Norris' (a marmite-like substance), chopped tomatoes and mushy peas.


The forfeits have two types. The first that is auctioned is usually a task for a bungalow head that lasts the whole show, for example 'The Clockwork Kid', or 'The Caveman Kid'.

The second includes a bungalow head dressing up and being covered in the items explained above. For example, in one instance where a bungalow head was transported back to Victorian London, he had to ask for more from characters like "Jack The Let One Ripper", "Florence Nightingale", "Victorian Barry Manilow" and "Queen Victoria" (who made him king).

The Bungalow ends on Sunday morning with prizes given out by Santa, because "every week is Christmas in the bungalow". The first and second prizes are usually desirable things such as a TV or games console, but the third prize is always a 'booby prize' like a hubcap, a cake made of carpet or a hairy cheese. At the very end the bungalow head who got the least points throughout the games is gunged, sitting on the toilet.

Even though The Bungalow is normally a celebrity free zone for one week only the doors were open to celebrities. Comic Relief in da Bungalow was part of a week of Bungalows for Comic Relief Week. Comic Relief in da Bungalow was broadcast on BBC One and BBC Two from March 7th to 11th 2005. Celebrity Bungalow Heads included; Fearne Cotton, Chris Parker and Timmy Mallet


The show has been the subject of a reprimand by media watchdog Ofcom after viewers complained that Dom's T-shirt with the slogan "Morning Wood" referred to a state of male sexual excitement (rather than (good) Morning (Dominic) Wood).

On 19 January 2005 the show was debated in parliament when Peter Luff (Conservative MP for Mid Worcestershire) attacked it for its "lavatorial" content.

Referring to the show's web site, he invited the Culture Secretary to "join me in playing How Low Can You Bungalow, a test to see your response to grossly embarrassing personal situations, largely of a lavatory nature; Pants Dancers in the Hall of Fame, photos of children with underwear on their heads; Make Dick Sick, a game which I think speaks for itself; and finally Bunged Up, in which you play a character in a sewerage system avoiding turtles' poos coming from various lavatories". He added, "Is that really the stuff of public service broadcasting?"

Also, 40 people complained about the last episode of series 4 where Richard McCourt was seen to give birth to a countless number of babies, even if they were just dolls covered in "muck muck".

Bungalow games

Some games featured so far include:

  • Baby Race
  • Balloon Bang-a-Bang
  • Blind Man's Buff Man
  • Bungalow Repetition Competition
  • Cereal Race
  • Creamy Muck Muck
  • Do Not Laugh or You Will Lose
  • Musical Splatues
  • Pumpy Rumpy
  • Tricky Training
  • What a Sweaty Flap
  • You'll Never Do That With a Carcass On Your Hands
  • Snotty Danglies
  • Yes I Have Trifle* Trousers (* or mini-meringue, or pies etc.)
  • Fat on your Back
  • Bangers and Dash
  • Eeny Meeny Mackeracka Raridominacka Shickapappa Dickywhopper Rom Pom Stick
  • Bungalow Battle Bots
  • Bungalow Fattle Bots
  • Bungalow Twin Turbo Battle Bots
  • Bungalow Girly Battle Bots
  • Bungalow Royal Battle Bots
  • Don't Go Daddy
  • Get Out Of That!
  • Bungalow Rodeo
  • The All Electric Granny Snog Quiz
  • That's The Stuff
  • My Gang
  • Push Plop Protein
  • What's In The Box
  • Run Prize Idiot Run
  • Barky Cluckinson's Alfresco Pie Challenge
  • Euuhhhh Yum Yum
  • Grasping Rasping Wrinklies
  • The Attic (Don't Drop your guts)
  • Bungalow World Record Attempt
  • Bungalow Head Household Appliances
  • Bungalow Bingo
  • Do I Know You Or Snot?
  • Raymond Farmer's Farmyard Races
  • The Big Bad Blooming Bungalow Bonus Bonanza Banging Booty Break
  • The Mucky Puddle Power Shower Game
  • Two Word Tango
  • Shave and Vac
  • Wappy Feet
  • Brum Brum Ding Ding Sing Sing
  • Public Transport
  • The Crying Game
  • Nae Body Move
  • There's a Face in My Bucket
  • The Dubbing Game

"The Pants Dance"

Towards the end of the programme, the bungalow head with the fewest bungalow points has to do "The Pants Dance", in which he or she dances with a pair of underpants on the head, singing:

 I've got my head in my pants
    (Won't believe it 'less I see it)
 I'm in a groovy disco trance
    (Are you sure that's hygienic?)
 They were clean on just last week
    (Good grief, they're gonna reek!)
 Yeah, yeah baby, look at me
 You gotta dance in your pants
 Just like they do in France
 You gotta take a chance
 And do the knickers on your noodle prance
 And dance in your pants!

(Lines in parentheses are only sung in the accompanying music track, and not by the bungalowheads.)

DVD Releases

On October 18, 2004, a DVD was released under the title 'Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow - The Dirty Norris Files'. This contains several 'best of' clips from the third series of the show.

No Celebrities Allowed?

The main rule of 'da Bungalow' is that there are no celebrities allowed, except for Comic Relief. For the fifth and last series, however, they have changed that rule. Now 5 Bungalow Heads are joined by a Celebrity Bungalow Head of their choice. This is not the only change to the show in series 5. The Basement has now been replaced with a garden (including real grass) and the Sunday show has been cut in length to 1 hour. Series 5 started on 10 September 2005 on BBC One and the CBBC Channel for 2 hours.

The first celebrity to enter Da Bungalow was Rachel Stevens. It seems, however, that she did not know what she was letting herself in for, as she later stormed out when it was time for the finale of the show, Creamy Muck Muck.


  • Dick & Dom In Da Bungalow: Da Book 2006 (book)
  • Dick & Dom's Joke Book (book)
  • Dick & Dom's Guide to Life (book)
  • Dick and Dom's Mucktivity Book (book)
  • Dick & Dom's Doodle Book (book)
  • Dick & Dom's Stinky Sleepover Kit (book)
  • Dick and Dom Funfax (funfax)
  • Dick & Dom In Da Bungalow: Muck-azine (magazine released by DeAgostini)
  • Dick & Dom Birthday Cards (6 different cards)
  • Da Board Game (Bungalow board game)
  • Dick & Dom in da Bungalow Music CD (Audio CD - 2 Discs)



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