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Gerard Way

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Gerard Arthur Way (born April 9, 1977) of Newark, New Jersey (later of Belleville, New Jersey) is front man and co-founder of the band My Chemical Romance, in which his brother Mikey Way plays bass.

Way played in a band until his early teens, at which time he decided to turn toward the graphic arts. After graduating from high school in 1995, he attended School of Visual Arts in New York City graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1999. In 2001, Way says he tried to sell an animated television series to the Cartoon Network called The Breakfast Monkey. He maintains that Cartoon Network turned down the pitch because it was too similar to Aqua Teen Hunger Force, then already in production.

Way was discouraged by the failure of his cartoon concept. As a resident of New York City, the 9/11 attacks affected Way deeply. Wanting to move his life in a new direction, he found himself motivated to form My Chemical Romance. The name came from a book written by Irvine Welsh called "Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance". The band's name was suggested by Mikey Way. Gerard brought together Ray Toro, Matt Pelissier, Frank Iero, and his brother Mikey to play gigs along the East Coast. The band soon released its first album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. Music turned out to be an effective means for Way (the band's lead singer and primary songwriter) to deal with his long time battle against depression, alcoholism, and prescription drug abuse, leading to deeply personal songs such as "Helena" (written after the death of his grandmother, Elena Lee Rush).

Despite his success as a musician, Way has not left his drawing behind: He drew all of the art on the band's second album, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge.

My Chemical Romance performing at the Big Day Out music festival at Claremont showgrounds in Perth, Australia.


Gerard Way performing in Perth Australia 2007

Career and music

Way was working for the Cartoon Network in New York City during the September 11, 2001 attacks. Seeing the effects of the attacks first hand prompted Way to change his views on life in the following weeks. He told Spin magazine, "I literally said to myself, 'F--k art. I’ve gotta get out of the basement. I’ve gotta see the world. I’ve gotta make a difference.'"[6] To help deal with the emotional effects the attacks had on him, Way wrote the lyrics to the song 'Skylines and Turnstiles' which since, has been regarded as "the first song by My Chemical Romance".[7]Soon after, the formation of My Chemical Romance began.

In many interviews Way has stated that music turned out to be an effective outlet to deal with his long-time battles against depression, alcoholism and prescription drug use. The use of music as a way to resolve personal battles has caused Way to create deeply personal songs such as "Helena",[8] which was written in memory of his late grandmother mentioned above.

Way has recently established himself as comic-book writer, writing for the comic miniseries, The Umbrella Academy. The Umbrella Academy was first released in the Dark Horse '2007-Free-Comic-Book-Day' issue on May 5th.[9] Since then, an eight-page story has been published on MySpace, entitled "Safe & Sound"[10].The first official issue was released on September 19, 2007.[11] Mass sales caused the first issue to sell out and consequently there was a second printing released on October 17, 2007.[12]

References and Notes

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my friend loves gerard more than anything.. and she thanks the band for their music, their amazing and Gerard should keep his hair red!!!!!

Most people think of him asxhot and sexy yes that's all true but his soul and the way he sings helped me threw my rough patch. that's why I love him.

Gerard Way Saved My Life with the Black Parade I am 52 years old had Cancer and lived to hear his beautiful music and still look for all MCR Music Thank You Gerard Way & MCR Patricia

Gerard.. He is my hero.. The one person who helps me to carry on. + yes.. He's beautiful.. Inside and out. I can only wish him the very best, and i hope to see him live.. one day.

gerard way is such a hott band i got my self involved in their mafia by a close friend of mine who says that that band is totally the big pic. Please don't get me wrong but since i  sorta know your band really welll since i last read your biography you are top on the list. sayin it from the westside tokers!!!!

I LOVE GERARD WAY <3 - omg i love him sooooooooo much and the band :) i have made a site dedicated to just them LOL
WOOO mcr kick ass - loveeeeeeeee sophieeeeeeeeeeee ( AHHH GERARD ;]

I <3 Gerard and Mikey!!!

I <3 Gerard & MCR!! ^^

I think gerard way is hot but his brother is a little hotter
I LUV U GERARD WAY!!!!!!!!!!! he is sooooooo hot no matter what he does to him self. he is my hero and i luv him very much. he looks so much better with black hair and it makes him alot more sexier!!!!!! i love him so much so no one else can .k!!!!! JK but not really!  :) `<3 V-BALL GIRL  I LUV GERARD!!!!!! ;)
I am in love with Gerard Way!!!!!!! He is so HOT!!! Love Jen
My best friend seems to have an addiction to Gerard.. And i don't blame her but seriously she's obsessed haha!  i love there music but it can drag on a little bit and begin to annoy me at times;  But really My best friend knows all his movements in his videos and draws his drawings and frames them and everything else you can think of haha!  <3
gerard way is not hot .he is sexy   and i do suffer an addiction to gerard way he is completely gorgeous  i love his OMG ,HAVE YOU SEEN HIS HAIR ITS MY FAVE COLOR,BLACK
Seriously you should all Get a Life .....Please..... Yeah he's great but you don't have to sacrifice yourself or anything like that? that's obsession LOL
I totally love Gerard Way he is hot!!!!
I <3 Gerard N Frankii =]
he is so cute id love to see him  the is the world by helena
I love to watch your video..perhaps that I will see Gerard and his band one day...I like your short white hair...but whatever your style I will support all of you..Congratulate
I love you Gerard Way... You are the best person on earth... You are so cute... You inspire us... I love you... Your so so so super hot... I love you...
Gerard Way is so hot... He is a good singer... hehehe... I love you Gerard... and i also like frank.... hehehe... I love my chemical romance...
gee is super talented and so  in2 his music i lov him 2 bits and wud die 4 him any day
l love gerard soooo much.hes is like the most fit man in the history of the world. and hes is also in such a great band that i love. also frank and mikey are well fit to!!!!!!1
oh y aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah he is sooooooo hot
i like him!!!!!!!!!! he's so amazing !!!!!!!!!!!

gerard way is totaly cool i luv him him , im in a band called   sweet revenge its not as good as my chemical romance im totaly a big fan and i turnes from mosher to goth haw cool is dat!!!!!!!!

"I hate math,Ihate history..haha..interested in idea 4 what i am sayin' ..gerard ..gerard.. yea..yea..YUPP.. i hav a band too.. i do d band kinda lost now!! guitarist quit!!left us..not easy makin' part is dat my sis is learnin guitar b'cuz of them.. i made tis band cus they inspire me soo much..all of them r awesome..gerard 4 my history book!! frankie's not bad!!

They have many big fans because they are FANTASTIC! All of them no matter what anyone else says.

im the biggest fan ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gerard way looks gd no matter what hair he has, but his beauty does not matter its wats on the inside that matters the most and it wasn't his fault that he was born completely gorgeous. that's the thing people who say they love him don't they love his looks and the fact he is famous not actually him.

Gerard Way, never mind his hairi think hes suited mst pref shot nd dark, but gy's e has 2 have 1 of the nices set  eyes iv evercn would u not agree. ad Mr Way if uver read this u are beautifull vry pleasing 2 the eye and i love ur music u need a major pat on the back and b poud!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

gerard way is the fittest person in the world and has a fantastic voice, he is a devil that was made by angels

Gerard way is completely hottttt and can't wait to see him perform in manchester tommorow (24/3/07)

Gerard Way is cute even wit blond hair he's a g8 inspiration. I feel very strong about it coz they are the best. Hopefully my band will be as successful as them. and if people were true fans they would think that Gerard is cute wit any hair colour.


If you have your music hosted somewhere

give us a link to show here :-)

I think that gerad way is an inspiration and he is the reason i am starting a band (i'm a singer) yea he is cute but he also has a great talent which hopefully other people can see as well as his looks i know i do.

gErArd AtHuR wAy is the best!i love him till' death tear us apart!

gerard way inspires each and evry single of his fans. he is a roll model to lead!!!!!!!he is smoken hottttttt and he sings like hell!!!!!!he should go back to his dark-hair days, but he is still hottttttt u can see that his hair s on fire!!! i luv u gerard way

Oh, I love Gerard Way. He is such an inspiration! I have a band (to which I am the rhythm guitar) and one of my major influences is Gerard Way and My Chemical Romance. I don't go one day with out thinking about them, and how strong Gerard is. Gerard is one of the great geniuses of the world in modern time...and this all is coming from an intense rock/alternative music lover. I just can't imaging how dull and bleak the world would be if they weren't born. I love them to pieces! I would love to meet them, since they are my favourite band in the world. This guy says I'm a depressing emo, but he doesn't even know me that well. They have shown to me that no one person can make you the person you are! You by yourself do that! They are the best, and I hope that every one that hates and kills in the world would realize what Gerard and My Chemical Romance have made! I hope someone gets my point!

OMG!!!!! I LUV GERARD WAY !!!!!!!!!(even if blonde isn't him) HE IS STILL SO SO SO HOT !!!!!I LUV GERARD WAY!!!

gerard way is sooo awesome he has the coolest voice ever

i agree with the people that say gerard  way looked better with long black hair because he did buy he is still super fit with short blonde hair

I think gerard way looked hotter with his long black hair, but he is still hot

Gerard Way is soo damn cute!!! I love the way he's hair is now

i love his hair

if you were a true Gerard fan you would love his new hair style as i do!!!! He looks good in just about anything!!!

i luv gerard way but he doesnt siut blonde... dye ur wig blak n grow it!!!! plz

Gerard Way is fit, but his hair doesn't look as good as it does now.

why is there a picture of gerard butler on a page about gerard way

ooops ! a very good point & has now been corrected


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