Comments on the Famous

I like jacqueline wilson because she is amazing at writing books

love george love love love john r i p guys ur sadly missed xxxxxxx

i love pocahontas pages
popeye is a legendary character he has always been my favourite

Martin Luther King Amazing man, we should all follow in his footsteps

She really made a difference. I hope she DID die without people using her name to make money. - Rosa Parks

oh 2pac miss u & i saw ur mama at my school!!!!!

So for everyone that has some thing to say you need not to give up and stick to what you have to say just like Rosa did

you are the best person in the world! - Triple H

Can't wait until I can see the band perform. The music I grew up with, the connection with songs over the years gave me a better outlook on life.(57 years old). Let the music do the talking. Bryan Ferry

In the culture and lack of morals media mudhole the 20th and 21st centuries have been, for FM to keep his privacy (basically) shows how he was loved Freddie Mercury

Martin Luther King i love u for getting black's and white's

Gerard Way - Most people think of him asxhot and sexy yes that's all true but his soul and the way he sings helped me threw my rough patch. that's why I love him.

i WoUlDnT oF wAnT tO Of bEeN ArOuNd bAcK ThEn Dick Turpin